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Memorial For Scott Simpson

We have decided on this upcoming Sunday afternoon to celebrate Scott Simpson’s life.  The Lunchbox Laboratory will be closing early after lunch so we can re-open the doors to Scott’s friends and fans between the hours of 4 and 6 PM.  We will be providing both food and libations (kool aid base of course) for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there.


John Schmidt

New downtown Bremerton restaurant sets opening date

BREMERTON — Power saws and paint are still changing the ambiance of downtown Bremerton’s newest addition, but come mid-April it will be all about the food.

The Bremerton Bar & Grillis set to open for dinner on April 18 and will begin serving lunch the next day.

The Bremerton restaurant at 190 Pacific Ave. will become the fifth in the Neighborhood Grill chain and the first on this side of Puget Sound. The company announced Friday it plans to hire 40 or more people for the newest location.

Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent said the restaurant will help draw people downtown. “It means more people working, more people celebrating the revitalization of downtown Bremerton,” she said.

Lent said she also is in talks with officials at Ivar’s Seafood Restaurants and Chowder about opening downtown.

Ivar’s has several locations around the Sound and in Spokane offering takeout fare such as fish and chips and clam chowder and restaurants specializing in seafood. The closest Ivar’s to Bremerton are in Tacoma and next to the Colman Dock ferry terminal in Seattle.

The Bremerton Bar & Grill will have a full bar and a menu offering burgers and steaks, chicken and seafood and weekend breakfasts that could provide an enticement for boaters to come to Bremerton on Saturdays and Sundays, Lent said.

Ron Sher, owner of the former J.C. Penney building at Pacific Avenue and Burwell, also owns the bar and grill building, which was the original home of Westsound Bank.

The restaurant offers views west across the street to the city’s Memorial Plaza and to the south toward the Naval Museum.

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Where’s the Beef? Look in Your Lunchbox.

Lunchbox Laboratory Joins South Lake Union from Discover SLU on Vimeo.

When you see them, you’ll know why Lunchbox Laboratory hamburgers are – by some lights – considered the number-one burger out there. We’re not talking Seattle. We’re talking America. Just ask Zagat or Gourmet magazine.

Generously crafted with the finest meat and cheeses, fresh greens and spices, the burgers teeter between seedy Kaiser rolls. How about the Maple Bacon, Havarti Cheese and Black Truffle Mayo Burger? Or the Sloppy Joe, made from buffalo (yes, like from Yellowstone), bacon, brown sugar Marsala onions with Colby cheese?

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Lunchbox Laboratory joins Neighborhood Grills

Lunchbox Laboratory blows-off Ballard for South Lake Union

If you’re one of those people who never understood the lure of Lunchbox Laboratory — the burger-joint some consider the best in town — you’re not alone. There are those who found the Ballard hole-in-the-wall too small, too spendy and way too funkadelic. Others were offended by gruff service and fear of cardiac failure. Even the Lab’s fervent fans were known to balk at its erratic hours. “When they sell out, they close — so call ahead” suggests the 2011 Seattle Zagat Survey, published last week touting the Lab’s “`amazing’, cooked-to-order creations `huge’ enough to `feed two adults.’”
Bet you can eat just one. A bacon-burger deluxe with curly-fries and a handmade strawberry shake at Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard. [Seattle Times/Greg Gilbert]
Of course, no one has complained as vociferously about Lunchbox Laboratory than the man whose love/hate relationship with food — and his restaurants — has been well documented. “I hate being owner of this place,” owner-chef Scott Simpson told me last week — days before shuttering his joint Sunday in preparation for its big move to South Lake Union. “I’m a terrible businessman. I’m awful at it!”
Simpson made his name as the original owner of the Blue Onion Bistro (since sold, later closed), followed by the short-lived fine-dining-place Fork. And everyone who follows such things knows he’s been looking for a way out of Ballard since he moved into the ramshackle shack at 7302-1/2 15th Avenue N.W. Well, he’s finally found an exit-strategy — thanks to a new business-partnership that has him jumping out of the managerial fire and back where he belongs: into the kitchen with his French cast-iron frying pans.
Providing the platform for his jump is John Schmidt, owner of Southlake Grill.
Schmidt’s South Lake Union grill has not been as popular — nor as profitable — as others in his cadre of Neighborhood Grills: among them the Green Lake Bar & Grill, Eastlake Bar & Grill, Lake Forest Bar & Grill and Crossroads Bar & Grill (another, in Bremerton, is slated to open this spring). In South Lake Union, Schmidt says, “You need more of a cutting edge, a hip, urban product.” He’s convinced he’s found one, thanks to Simpson. “We were trying to find a solution to South Lake Union and Scott was looking for a larger facility,” explains Schmidt. “It was a perfect marriage, a symbiotic combination of needs. He had the product, we had the space.”

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Visti Lunchbox Laboratory online

Bremerton Bar & Grill

This former bank building will be repurposed into the new home of Bremerton Bar and Grill which is scheduled to open in April of 2011. This American-Style, family-friendly restaurant is recognized for award winning menus, fun happy hours, and fast and friendly service. The Bremerton Bar and Grill will be another great step in the continuing revitalization efforts surrounding downtown Bremerton as well as a destination for residents, visitors and tourists.

Eastlake Bar & Grill Open Christmas Night

Tired or your family yet?  Join us for a Christmas Cocktail Party on Christmas Night at Eastlake Bar & Grill!  Open from 7:00pm to midnight for happy hour!

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